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Why Prism?

Value-Added Resources for Strong Real Estate Agent Relationships

Reduce Overhead and Close Faster

PRISM fully automates quotes with your settlement/closing fees, local recording fees and taxes, and First American policy rates and endorsement fees built in.

Focus On Growth

Use real-time tracking and analytics to identify high volume users with growth potential for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Fight Wire Fraud

Protect your customers and your business with safe, secure access to transaction documents via your PRISM app.

Meet Consumers Earlier in the Transaction

Real estate agents introduce prospective buyers and sellers to your services with co-branded quotes and reports.

Refresh Your Marketing Strategy

Make PRISM your gateway to hyperlocal marketing and reputation building.

Make Your Real Estate Agents Look Good

Instant access enables real estate agents to provide buyers and sellers with information whenever and wherever they need it.


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Identify Targets With Hyperlocal Marketing

Use farming to build data-driven marketing initiatives. Set a radius or boundary, then specify your parameters to target the buyers and sellers you want to reach most.

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Secure Portal

Protect Your Documents, Protect Your Business

Securely share transaction-specific documents with your customers, or provide access to frequently used documents from your PRISM library. After account activation, participants receive notifications whenever documents, messages, or instructions are updated or shared.

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Simplify With Automation

Employees and real estate agents can use PRISM to generate quotes on the go. More than a rate calculator, PRISM combines your agency settlement and closing fees with local recording fees and taxes and First American policy rates and endorsements.

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Property Reports

Expand Your Settlement Services With Branded Property Reports

Download and share valuable data for residential and commercial property transactions. Based on locality*, each customizable six-point Property Report may include property characteristics, transaction history, tax map, neighbors, comparable sales, and school information. *Not available in Idaho, Montana, or Utah

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Get Noticed With Asset Customization—for You and Them

From your company-branded PRISM portal to co-branded templates for real estate agents, buyers and sellers know who they’ll be working with at closing. All assets include your company logo, colors, and contact information. Real estate agents can choose to add their profile photos and other contact details to quotes and reports shared with their clients.


Flexible Pricing Plans With No Annual Contracts

PRISM can accommodate any size business—from individual title agents and single-state operators to businesses serving real estate agents nationwide—with on/off modules and adjustable fee templates.

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Create Quotes and Run Property Reports on Any Device

Admin Tools

Powerful, Comprehensive Profile Management

Use the administrative portal to customize fees, establish pricing, and set user access rights.

Invite users to create accounts and generate quotes.

Generate usage reports and analytics.

Customize settlement/closing fees by office location, transaction type, quote type, and more.

Set bundled, fixed and/or tier pricing.



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